Nulogy launches AI-driven supply chain project

MONTREAL, QC—Nulogy, in collaboration with the federal government’s scale ai program, is launching an initiative aimed at making Canada an international leader in the artificial intelligence field applied to supply chains.

Nulogy is among a number of Canadian companies selected by the government to receive funding to drive scale ai.

“We are thrilled to be working with our industry and government partners to realize the power of AI in optimizing the supply chain,” said Jason Tham. “We would like to thank the government for sponsoring this important initiative and we look forward to embarking on this work that promises to put Canada on the world stage of AI-powered supply chain innovation.”

Nulogy’s project focuses on applying AI to the late-stage customization phase of the consumer goods supply chain, where products are adapted to meet the requirements of diverse channels, retail or promotional formats.

Nulogy will collaborate with Mars Canada and a select number of its Canadian suppliers to leverage the power of AI and Nulogy’s Agile Customization Platform to digitalize the consumer goods leader’s external supply chain operations.