Winnipeg airport gets funding to upgrade cargo facilities

WINNIPEG, MB — Winnipeg Airports Authority has received an additional $19.4 million from Transport Canada through the National Trade Corridors Fund to help redevelop the cargo corner of the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport campus, including building a new multi-tenant air cargo logistics facility. 

Image: Winnipeg Airport Authority

On December 19, the Minister of Northern Affairs, Dan Vandal, and Member of Parliament for Winnipeg South Centre, Ben Carr, announced the investment on behalf of the Minister of Transport, Pablo Rodriguez. The federal government initially pledged $30 million for the project in 2019.

The state-of-the-art, 142,500-square-foot Multi-Tenant Air Cargo Logistics Facility will help YWG’s freight partners enhance efficiencies by placing them within closer proximity of their planes, supporting quick distribution and resupply of time-sensitive goods, according to the airport authority. It will also feature cold storage capabilities and additional space to better suit operational needs. The project involves apron expansion; relocating current tenants; site preparation; demolishing vacant assets; constructing the air cargo facility; and performing associated civil work.

“By investing’ $19.4 million for the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport, we’re strengthening our supply chain, and that ultimately benefits all Canadians,” said Pablo Rodriguez, Canada’s minister of transport. “We’re taking action to make trade more fluid for all parts of the country by making sure our critical infrastructure is up to the task.”

“This investment not only propels our commitment to unlocking new opportunities for economic growth but also solidifies Winnipeg Richardson International Airport’s role as a critical cargo hub integral to Canada’s supply chain network,” said Nick Hays, president and CEO of the Winnipeg Airports Authority. “Together, with the backing of our government partners, we will be able to deliver the infrastructure needed to help provide greater efficiency, connectivity, and prosperity for our community and beyond.”

Work on the redevelopment of the cargo corner of the campus began in 2022 with extensive construction on the airfield and the demolition of the former Air Canada Cargo building at the end of Sargent Avenue. The next phase of the project is scheduled to kick off in April, with construction starting on our new Multi-Tenant Air Cargo Logistics Facility.

The National Trade Corridors Fund is a competitive, merit-based program designed to help infrastructure owners and users invest in the critical transportation assets that support economic activity in Canada. A total of $4.6 billion over 11 years (2017-2028) has been allocated to the program.