Amazon decreases shipping time to three-to-five days for Iqaluit users of Prime service

IQALUIT, Nunavut — Inc. is significantly slashing its shipping times for some customers in Nunavut.

The Seattle-based e-commerce giant says subscribers to its Prime service in Iqaluit will now receive shipments between three and five days after placing an order.

The new timeline is a big drop from the 15-to-20-day delivery window the company previously offered the region.

While Amazon will not be charging an extra fee for the faster shipping time, the expedited deliveries only apply to Prime members who pay about $8 a month in most provinces for the service

Canada’s northern territories have long been expensive and challenging to ship packages to, forcing people in Nunavut to pay more and wait longer for goods. In a release from Amazon, Iqaluit mayor Kenneth Bell says he hopes the expedited service will help support small businesses and the local economy.

Bell says, “For the residents of Iqaluit, fast shipping times aren’t just a luxury, they are essential to ensuring our community has access to many of the daily essentials items they need.”