Amazon deploys new mobile robot for distribution facilities

Amazon has unveiled a new mobile robot called Titan, designed for super-heavy lifting in the e-commerce giant’s distribution centres.

Amazon's Titan mobile robot. Image: AmazonThe robot will help carry products across the company’s distribution centres, the company announced on its blog on November 14.

“Titan builds off over a decade of innovations in mobile robotics at Amazon, and can lift up to two times more weight than Hercules, the most broadly deployed robot within our operations,” the company said in the blog post. “With all that strength, Titan’s first task will be to carry larger, bulkier items like small household appliances or pallets of pet food and gardening equipment.”

The potential uses of Titan include transporting inventory across storage floor to bring to employees.

Amazon’s fulfillment centre in San Antonio, Texas, is the first of the company’s facilities to use the robot. The facility is used to process large, bulky items.

Titan is able to lift up to 1,133kgs, integrating several technologies from previous mobile robots. For example, the solution incorporates the battery and charging management solution from Hercules, and the computer vision obstacle detection and user control systems from the Xanthus, both of which are previous mobile robot models.

Titan also uses hardware components from Proteus to manage its operating system as it plans, executes, and interfaces with other technologies within the facility.

“Mobile robots like Titan work collaboratively with other robotics systems to create a safer and more ergonomic workplace that reduces repetitive motions, eliminates the need for employees to walk long distances or move heavy objects, and allows employees to focus on new tasks that require new skills,” said Amazon’s blog post about Titan’s deployment.