Car owners value longevity and function over aesthetics: Survey

Image: Thinkstock

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—Online automotive marketplace CarGurus has released a survey uncovering what Canadians prioritize when it comes to vehicle upkeep. The survey’s findings showed that Canadian car owners care most about keeping their cars performing well and lasting long.
Regarding car care, it’s not about keeping that new car smell, it’s about keeping that new car driving.

  • When asked what they are most proud of about their car, 49 percent said how well it runs as opposed to aesthetics like its cleanliness or exterior appearance.
  • 62 percent said they take a lot of pride in their car and its condition.
  • 30 percent of Canadians say personal pride is the top reason they are motivated to keep their car in good condition.

It’s not easy to say goodbye
Most Canadians don’t want to think about a new car until they have to.

  • When asked which factor would mostly likely prompt someone to consider buying a new car, 76 percent chose reliability.
  • Few respondents selected choices like new model releases (5 percent) or dents and damaged bodywork (5 percent) as important factors.
  • All it takes for 7 percent of Canadians to consider buying a new car is for their current model to stop feeling new or exciting.

No smoking zone
Canadians are OK with a little mess in their cars, but draw the line at cigarette smoke.

  • 78 percent of Canadians would not let anyone smoke in a newly purchased car.
  • Only 9 percent were most likely to forbid eating, followed by pets (6 percent) and kids (3 percent).
  • Nearly one third of respondents said they clean their car’s interior less often than every 4 months.

Don’t judge a car by its clutter
Canadians take pride in their car’s condition and notice if others do too.

  • 45 percent agree that they judge a person by the state of their car’s interior while just 21 per cent disagree.
  • 33 percent agree that they judge a person by the condition of their car’s exterior while just 24 per cent disagree.

“Buying a car is one of the largest investments a person makes, which motivates a lot of people to do whatever they can to increase the longevity of the vehicle,” said Matt Smith, senior editor for CarGurus. “This survey showed Canadians’ penchant for maintaining performance and their prioritization of reliability, revealing a sense of pride in getting the most out of their investment.”
These findings are based on an online survey of 1,000 randomly selected Canadians, 18 years of age or older. The survey was carried out by Google Surveys and issued in March 2018.