Congratulations to the 2013 PMAC Awards of Distinction winners—June print edition

Every year, PMAC recognizes supply chain leaders who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and celebrates their contributions to their organizations and their work in advancing the field of supply chain. PMAC’s Awards of Distinction are dedicated to the innovators in the field of supply chain who fearlessly lead and in doing so raise the awareness of the critical contributions of strategic supply chain management.
We will be recognizing two individuals this year for their outstanding contributions and achievements in supply chain.
PMAC Fellow Award
The PMAC Fellow is the highest honour that the association can bestow on its members. As such, the recipient is recognized to have demonstrated the highest excellence in supply chain management, commitment to and pride in PMAC, and a civic mindedness which earns the community’s respect of the member and, through the member, of the supply chain management profession. Fellows of PMAC are awarded the privilege of using the FPMAC designation.
Conferred to Ralph Sanders, SCMP, FPMAC, the PMAC Fellow Award recognizes his outstanding contributions to PMAC and to the field of supply chain management. In his current role of manager, Corporate Procurement, Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, he is working to align 16 procurement and inventory operations from nine legacy systems into a single Enterprise Asset Management software system. This project will upgrade their current transactional-based, decentralized procurement operation to a strategic, centrally led team.
Other projects that Ralph currently manages include the implementation of a spend visibility solution that when complete is projected to return a cost savings of between 5 to 15 percent, and contractor management to ensure compliance with worker health and safety policies.
Ralph has also played a significant role in the success of the Saskatchewan Institute of PMAC (SIPMAC). It was Ralph who spearheaded the professionalization of the office, which was previously operated by a volunteer staff of varying skill sets. He recognized that the Institute had to be run like a business to prosper and proceeded to develop a business plan to hire an executive director. Now the office is professionally managed by two permanent staff members, and membership has grown by almost 40 percent. In his letter to the nomination committee in support of Ralph’s candidacy for the PMAC Fellow Award, SIPMAC past-president Rob Varga, SCMP, indicated that Ralph’s contributions to the success of the Institute have been so vital that he was sure that SIPMAC would not be enjoying the success it has today were it not for all his hard work in guiding the setup and progress of the new professional office.
Outstanding Achievement Award
The Outstanding Achievement Award is awarded to a PMAC member who has provided innovative strategic leadership in supply chain management and has made a significant contribution to the advancement of the profession through business and professional achievements. Recipients of this award will have demonstrated sustained excellence in the field through supply chain practices, thought leadership activities and/or enhancing awareness of the profession’s role in the economy.
The winner of our Outstanding Achievement Award, Martin Michaud, has distinguished himself as a leader in optimizing procurement processes. Currently the head of procurement and logistics for the Centre de santé et des services sociaux de Montmagny-L’Islet (CSSSML), Martin lead a five-year project to optimize the procurement processes of CSSSML. The goals of this project were to allow medical staff to devote more time to patient care and less time on administrative tasks related to procurement, optimize the replenishment time between the two ends of the point of service provider, and optimize the transmission of information within the organization between requisition and invoicing.
The challenges faced by Martin were significant as the CSSSML provides general and specialized healthcare to a population of 43,300, delivered from eight different properties, over a region covering 3805 km2. Procurement processes also varied from one property to another, and in some cases no clear procurement process was in place at all. To tackle this problem, Martin established a five phase project that called for: the harmonization of products and processes at all sites, the creation of a centre of value-added distribution, consolidation of transport modes, the deployment of technology and storage media, and the deployment of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
Rather than try to reinvent the wheel, Martin recognized that it was advantageous to use existing best practices and tools, and then customize them to the needs of the CSSSML. His decision to use tools and best practices that are available to all means that his solution can be easily customized and applied to any health care organization to optimize their procurement processes.
Congratulations to both our winners for their dedication to PMAC and their contributions to the field of strategic supply chain management. They will both be honoured on June 14 during the Board Chair Gala at PMAC’s National Conference in Ottawa, Ontario.