CP completes acquisition of CMQ network

CALGARY — Canadian Pacific has completed its acquisition of the Central Maine & Quebec Railway US Inc. Together with the earlier acquisition of Central Maine & Quebec Railway Canada Inc., this completes CP’s purchase of the entire CMQ network, which was first announced in November 2019.

Image: CP Rail

CMQ US and CMQ Canada will continue to operate in the US and in Canada respectively as subsidiaries of CP.

On May 4 the US Surface Transportation Board approved CP’s acquisition of CMQ US. This allows CP to integrate CMQ US’s 244.2 route-miles of rail line in Maine and Vermont into CP’s network. The transaction also includes 57.3 route-miles leased from the Maine Department of Transportation.

CP is now a 13,000-mile rail network connecting the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast across six Canadian provinces and 11 US states.

“This transaction is a generational business opportunity for CP,” said Keith Creel, CP’s president and CEO. “It enables us to serve customers through a larger coast-to-coast network across Canada and brings a direct Class 1 freight-rail service to the State of Maine for the first time in decades. It is with great pride that I formally welcome CMQ’s US employees and customers to the CP family.”

CMQ’s network links CP directly to the Atlantic Ocean port of Searsport, Maine, and to Port Saint John in New Brunswick through connections with Eastern Maine Railway and New Brunswick Southern Railway. As a result, CP now has access to a route that is approximately 200 miles shorter than the competition. CP plans to invest as much as $90 million over the next three years to bring CMQ’s rail infrastructure up to Federal Railroad Administration Class 3 standards.

CP reaches the Maine border using tracks that were formerly part of CMQ Canada from St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que. CP completed the acquisition of CMQ Canada on December 30, 2019, giving CP access to CMQ Canada’s 236.8-mile route in Quebec.