Drone Delivery Canada Announces Commercial Agreement with Edmonton International Airport

TORONTO—Drone Delivery Canada Corp. has inked an agreement with the Edmonton Regional Airports Authority, operating Edmonton International Airport and Villeneuve Airport, to establish an airport drone delivery hub, at Edmonton International Airport using DDC’s drone delivery platform.

Image: Edmonton International Airport

The organizations will build out flight routes from EIA using DDC’s DroneSpot takeoff and landing zones utilizing DDC’s drone flight infrastructure.

All operations will be conducted in accordance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations and Transport Canada flight authorizations and are subject to DDC getting regulatory approvals.

“With ERAA, we will develop a drone logistics network centered at this world-class airport as a hub for numerous drone routes for our customers,” said president and CEO of DDC, Michael Zahra. “We will continue to work with ERAA and Transport Canada to define particular routes, and with ERAA and Air Canada to negotiate revenue metrics and other commercial terms.”

The initial term of the agreement is five years with additional successive one-year terms to follow.