Drone Delivery Canada extends Edmonton International Airport drone route

TORONTO — Drone Delivery Canada Corp., with help from its sales agent Air Canada, has secured a three-month extension of its drone delivery services operation at the Edmonton International Airport (EIA).

The extension continues the involvement of EIA, Apple Express Courier Ltd., and Ziing Final Mile Inc., and comes as a result of collaboration between DDC and all the partners involved, the company said, showcasing the potential of drone delivery services in enhancing logistics and expanding transportation options in an airport environment.

The EIA drone delivery project, which began with an agreement with EIA in 2019, won an XCELLENCE Award for innovation from the Association for Unscrewed Vehicles Systems International and became commercially operational in May 2022, has been a focus for DDC as it expands its drone delivery capabilities in Canada.

The project has demonstrated the ability of drones to transport cargo and parcels between the airport and nearby industrial areas, improving logistics and reducing ground transportation and road congestion as well as demonstrating the efficiency, and safety, said DDC.

“We are pleased to have secured the extension of our operations at EIA, which will allow us to continue to provide innovative and efficient drone delivery services to our customers,” said Steve Magirias, CEO of Drone Delivery Canada. “We are also actively working with EIA to develop a next phase of drone delivery routes which could enable us to further expand our operations and explore new use cases for drone delivery within the EIA area.”

The next phase of operations is expected to include an expansion of the drone delivery operations at EIA, including additional routes and cargo capacity, as well as the integration of new technologies and operational improvements.