Egencia launches intelligent service platform

TORONTO—Egencia, the business travel company of the Expedia group, has launched its intelligent service platform (ISP). The company said its latest investment sees the infusion of technology to deliver a faster and more personalized experience.
“We want to keep pushing the boundaries for our customers, who are mobile business travellers with little time to waste,” says Mark Hollyhead, Egencia’s senior vice-president, Americas.  “With this new technology enhancement, travellers get the service they need, when they need it. For example, when your flight is cancelled, one tap on your smartphone is all you need to have our travel consultants call you back with the status of your itinerary, ready with recommendations.”
Egencia will use contextual interactive voice response (IVR) to match a caller’s phone number and ID with the traveller’s Egencia profile.  Egencia travel consultants will then know who is calling and which itinerary they need help with. During heavy call periods, the traveller may also request a call-back versus waiting on hold for a travel consultant.
After an initial introduction in the US, the ISP roll-out was completed in Canada recently.
The mobile app Egencia TripNavigator, first launched in November 2013, optimizes the in-trip experience, providing step-by-step navigation, hotel booking and access to Egencia travel consultants.
The app’s “callback” option under Egencia AssistMe is now available to Canadian customers, giving business travellers access to agent-assistance through their mobile phone.