Electrovaya’s expands electric forklift battery line

TORONTO—Electrovaya Inc. has launched over 25 lithium ion ceramic battery models for the electric forklift market.

Electrovaya’s heavy 36V lithium ion batteries. Image: Electrovaya via Twitter.

This development was done over the last 20 months after the initial launch of two battery models in 2017. The company now provides complete battery motive power solutions for most warehouse configurations.

The batteries available include 24V, 36V, 48V and most recently 80V in energy capacities ranging from 6 kWh to 63 kWh. The battery systems are available in different shapes and sizes to meet a multitude of Class I, II and III forklift truck models from various manufacturers.

The batteries can be digitally integrated with a variety of electric forklift trucks.

The users of Electrovaya’s batteries are mostly large customers in sectors including automotive and other manufacturing, e-commerce, distribution and warehousing.