Fleet Logistics and AlertDriving partner for online driver training

TORONTO—European fleet management provider, Fleet Logistics, has entered a strategic partnership with North America-based AlertDriving to offer a range of online driver training and risk assessment services for fleet operators of all sizes.
Fleet Logistics, which has around 157,000 vehicles under management across 26 countries, has partnered with AlertDriving for its global training coverage, having reached more than 2 million drivers in over 100 languages—and also following recommendations from existing users, including fleet customers.
The company said the move has been driven by a desire to help Fleet Logistics’ clients meet their duty of care obligations to their drivers, as well as improving driver safety and ultimately reducing fleet spend through lower repair and accident management costs.
The new e-learning initiative has four key objectives: to reduce collisions, to reduce personal injuries, to reduce operating costs and to reduce liability exposure.
Toronto-based AlertDriving pioneered online driver risk management in North America and has since expanded to more than 70 countries across the world—primarily through its FleetDefense suite of driver training solutions, which test drivers for dangerous behaviours and attitudes.
The results provide fleet managers and other company decision-makers with behavior-based metrics and standardized risk reporting to help monitor their overall fleet risk exposure, and to identify areas in which remedial intervention needs to be taken to improve driving standards.
Over 30 high-impact driver training modules will be offered through the new partnership, with courses on eco-driving, lane discipline, winter driving, safer parking, reversing, and much more. AlertDriving’s broad courseware library—the largest in the driver risk management industry—will enable fleet customers to decide what level and frequency of testing is appropriate for their fleet.
Since the program is available to any driver connected to the Internet, users can log onto a dedicated portal customized for their country and language, and start training whenever they want, safely. For example, German drivers will be able to see online assessments using road conditions typical to Germany, with German road signs and speed limits.
Fleet managers will be able to identify drivers that pass the online risk assessment tasks and limit those that fail from ordering new cars, until they have reached a satisfactory standard of achievement.
The company is currently working on the implementation of the new solution following pilot testing with a number of selected fleets, before a wider roll-out to all clients later this autumn.