Green travel vendors have edge: survey

Image: Bombardier
Image: Bombardier

CHICAGO, IL—Most travellers say they prefer to buy from or patronize “green” vendors and service providers when they are out of town, according to a joint survey conducted by The GO Group, LLC, an international ground transportation provider and GO Airport Express, a GO Group member company based in Chicago.
More than 450 people responded to the survey, which asked recipients whether they made travel decisions based on companies’ environmentally-friendly practices. Of these, a total of 66 percent said being green has at least some influence on their travel purchases, with nine percent of those noting they always prefer green vendors; 24 percent saying they usually prefer them if other factors, such as price and convenience aren’t compromised and 31 percent responding that while they prefer green vendors, they wouldn’t necessarily base their purchasing decisions on it.
Only 28 percent said a company’s sustainability efforts have no affect at all on their travel vendor and service provider choices.
In the survey comments section, respondents wrote that being green should not negatively affect service or price and that they expect efforts to be truly sustainable and not just a “marketing gimmick.”
“These results indicate that travellers are environmentally aware, and we anticipate that being green will become more important to purchase decisions,” says John McCarthy, president, The GO Group, LLC.  “Companies that find ways to become more eco-conscious while still delivering economical, safe and high quality services will have an advantage over competitors.”