HOPA Ports sees increased cargo from 2023

HAMILTON, ON – HOPA Ports has released results for the 2023 navigation season, reporting a combined total cargo of 11,293,179 metric tonnes (MT) through the ports of Hamilton and Oshawa.

Image: HOPA Ports

The 2023 total was a nine per cent increase from 2022, marking the second-highest volume in the past decade. The season saw a total of 665 vessels, with 603 in Hamilton and 62 in Oshawa, taking advantage of the longest ever Seaway shipping season.

Commodities transiting the Ports of Hamilton and Oshawa represent about 30 per cent of total cargoes transiting the Canada-US Great-Lakes Seaway system. HOPA’s cargo totals rose by nine per cent in 2023 versus a 3.38 per cent increase in system cargo as a whole.

“Commodities fluctuate year-to-year driven by market and other external forces that are often beyond our control; that’s why we are focused on future trends,” said Ian Hamilton, president and CEO of HOPA Ports. “Our investments in trade-enabling infrastructure, and those of our tenants and partners are the engines of longer-term performance.”

Over the past 15 years, HOPA and partners have invested close to $1 billion in transportation infrastructure and terminals that have enabled the steady growth of key commodities. This trend continues with the recent announcements of a $135 million sugar refinery, a new rail container facility, a new flour mill, and HOPA capital works for 2024 exceeding $40 million.