KPMG in Canada, Faethm to predict workforce impact of emerging technologies

TORONTO — KPMG in Canada has formed a strategic alliance with Faethm, a global analytics SaaS platform, to predict the impact of emerging technologies, like Artificial Intelligence (AI), on Canadian jobs.

“This alliance enables us to help the private and public sector prepare for the future of work,” says Michael Mitchell, management consulting partner, IT advisory, KPMG in Canada. “There is a lot of fear about how rapid advances in AI, automation, and machine learning will eliminate jobs. Together with Faethm, we are committed to helping our Canadian clients better understand and prepare for the future of work.”

Sydney-based Faethm blends proprietary analytics with client data to diagnose and predict the likely impact of emerging technology on any job, workforce, company, industry, location or economy. Using AI algorithms, the company interprets client data to forecast strategic, technological and people impacts, likely supply and demand of jobs and skills in the future.

“The team is very excited to be working with a leader like KPMG, especially in one of the leading countries taking action to prepare its workforce for the future” says Greg Miller, Faethm’s executive director. “The first step in this evolution of work is to start with data driven decision making, Faethm enables this step and supports use cases from technology investments to people strategy, in enterprise and government.”

Working together with Faethm, KPMG will interpret client results and insights to help companies and governments validate their digital transformation agendas, mature people strategies and policies and forecast accurately to help ensure their workforce has the right skills, roles and composition for the future.