Loop Energy lands fuel cell range order in Nanjing

VANCOUVER — Loop Energy, a mobile-power company providing hydrogen fuel cell based solutions for the medium-to-heavy duty vehicle market, has received a purchase order from a bus manufacturer in China.

Nanjing, China

The order supports the Nanjing municipal government’s objective of replacing its existing 7000-unit battery-electric bus fleet with an improved battery-hydrogen hybrid alternative that offers all-season, long-range, and higher passenger-capacity operation.

The multiple-unit range extender order, representing the start of a long-term agreement with an estimated value of US$15 million over three-years, follows the receipt of product certification for Loop’s 50 kW Fuel Cell Range Extender Module series from the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC), a national independent testing and certification organization for vehicular products in China.

Loop Energy’s 50 kW range extenders unlock multiple cost and performance benefits over traditional fuel cell designs including the industry’s highest power density which results in substantial fuel cell manufacturing and system integration cost advantages.

Certified to GB/T standards, Loop Energy’s range extender is officially listed with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT) and approved for vehicle indexing, enabling original equipment manufacturers to select Loop Energy’s product for integration into market-ready fuel cell electric vehicles in China.