Metro adopts packaging and printed materials management policy

MONTREAL—METRO is adopting a packaging and printed materials management policy covering its corporate, food and pharmacy activities.

The company is releasing a framework to guide its teams and suppliers in the management of its packaging and printed materials, including reduction and optimization. The program will enable METRO to implement practices to reduce the use of resources, limit product losses and reduce waste generation, while contributing to the global movement to tackle single-use plastics.

The policy is based on the following four principles:

  • Reduce the use of packaging and printed materials;
  • Implement optimal design;
  • Select ecoresponsible materials; and
  • Facilitate recovery and recycling

“Our approach to managing packaging and printed materials has always rested on best practices and the collaboration between our teams and suppliers. With this new policy, we remain committed to ongoing improvement and innovation and are reaching out to our customers to join us in this major program,” said Marie-Claude Bacon, vice-president, public affairs and communications.

The packaging and printed materials management policy is in line with METRO’s corporate responsibility approach, the company said, which aims to adopt responsible procurement practices and manage the company’s environmental footprint.