Metro Supply Chain expanding its electric fleet

TORONTO — Metro Supply Chain plans to purchase new zero-emission trucks and the supporting charging infrastructure in 2022, the company said.

“We at Metro Supply Chain fully understand the impact that vehicles have on the environment, and we’re doing our part to try and lessen our carbon footprint,” said Martin Graham, group president of Metro Supply Chain. “While we are initially introducing electric vehicles into British Columbia and Quebec, ultimately, we foresee operating vehicles across the entire country to help flatten the curve.”

Custom Delivery Solutions, Metro Supply Chain’s last mile solution, is partnering with like-minded businesses such as IKEA. Last year, IKEA completed half a million home deliveries in Canada and sees this demand continuing to grow. Alongside its significant sustainability goals, the company is committed to supporting its customers with climate-friendly solutions through EV logistics and infrastructure.

“We’re very proud to be partnered with such a progressive and sustainability focused organization like IKEA, which is willing to work with us not only on electric vehicle introduction but also the restructuring of the traditional delivery model to allow for a truly successful customer service,” said Cedric George, president of Custom Delivery Solutions.