NAFA offers fleet certification program at upcoming conference

PRINCETON, NJ – NAFA Fleet Management Association has announced CAFM Live, a certification-focused, in-person educational event.

CAFM Live is a three-day learning program for advanced fleet education that covers all certification modules and prepares attendees for CAFM exams — presented in conjunction with the 2020 NAFA Institute and Expo, April 5-9, Indianapolis, Indiana.

CAFM-certified professionals earn up to 27 per cent more income across their fleet careers, based on Certification Report, 2018.

“NAFA offers the ability to interact with instructors and other students face-to-face has proven to be very effective for people seeking CAFM-certification,” said NAFA’s interim CEO Bill Schankel, CAE. “CAFM Live allows students to engage with all facets of the material and experience the best of the annual conference, Institute & Expo, in one event.”

NAFA’s CAFM Live program, used in conjunction with reference and study guides and other online learning opportunities help fleet professionals grow their expertise and expand abilities to solve fleet challenges while helping earn Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM) certification.

Click here for more information about CAFM Live.