Showing value at SCMA’s Take the Lead: Women in Supply Chain event

TORONTO—Over 100 women and more that a dozen speakers gathered at the historic Old Mill a boutique hotel in the beautiful Humber Valley in Toronto to participate in the inaugural event Take the Lead: Women in Supply Chain event.

Lisa Fenton is supply chain manager at Rapala VMC Corporation.

Leadership lessons, tips, tools and strategies focused on taking charge of one’s career while noting the need to welcome and be flexible in the face of new opportunities. Today’s business environment is so fast paced and moving so quickly it’s challenging to react and navigate every day.

We all have a story to tell and with so much change arising we need to focus and be able to determine and build that back to a business case. Stories enable us to gain a deeper connection which elevates the meaning of our brand and how it fits into our businesses and customers lives. It’s a strategic tool that let’s us engage in the social world.

Kerry Oliver,Jessie Campbell,Marlene Houston,David Yundt and Sarah Barnes-Humphrey provided great insights during the Leadership panel.

Takeaways included :people help along your journey stay connected and be present, understand the importance of the other side of transactions so you can better lead your team, learn ever day, partner with others to champion change, be curious but make sure to check does this make sense, be commercially minded in terms of risk across the organization while asking if it’s the best value, create metrics for yourself and set your own personal criteria for success.

Kiran Mann of Crestcom International shared how we approach leading and responding to change will create our brand. She encouraged us to act by taking small steps again and again and again.

Barry Kunitz from Black Isle Consulting taught us that presenting with impact allows your audience to paint their own canvas while you present your points.

Delee Fromm from Delee Fromm Consulting highlighted the importance of increasing our visibility at work and externally as well as tools to include in our LinkedIn profile.

Ian O’Reilly from the Story Group moderated Negotiating for Success with myself,Tanya Biscoff and Natascha Schijven. The discussion included enhancing your understanding of the challenges and advantages we face as women negotiators, the different types of negotiations and tips to prepare for maximum outcomes, evaluating alternatives, interests and parties in negotiation.

As Supply Chain Professionals we can be a catalyst for many issues, problem solvers and change leaders.