What are you paid

From the October 2016 print edition
For the past several years now, PurchasingB2B has performed a survey of Canadian procurement and supply chain professionals. In large part, the survey focuses on the average salary that our readers are pulling down. Along with that, it has also looked at areas such as how happy people are in their positions, what cities boast the highest-paid supply chain employees, as well as how female supply chain workers fair compared to their male counterparts. Several other areas are covered in the survey.
Traditionally, we’ve run the survey in partnership with two of our former sister magazines, as well as the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA). But this year, we’ve done something different. We’ve done a survey, which we’ve called The 2016 Annual Procurement and Supply Chain Professional Survey, in a way that exclusively targets our readers.
We fielded the survey over the summer, and saw responses come in from over 300 of you. We’re pleased to share the highlights of the results of the survey with you in this issue.
And from the results we received, procurement and supply chain professionals seem to have done well for themselves over the past year, reagardless of whatever turmoil the economy faces. The survey shows not only a decent salary but also a reasonable level of job satisfaction among respondents. This year, the average salary among survey respondents is $84,078. As well, the majority of you have also seen your salaries go up over the past year, with 57 percent saying you had seen an increase. As in past years, Alberta boasts the highest salaries, with $92,562 being the average.
We’ve collected quite a few details regarding procurement and supply chain management in Canada through the survey this year, and we’re happy to share many of the results with you on page 8.
Another development for PurchasingB2B is that we’ve recently started a Facebook page. Much of our social media attention has gone to Twitter in our efforts to bring you the news affecting the field (If you haven’t already, please follow us at @PurchasingB2B). Recently, however, we’ve been looking to expand our social media presence and are happy to now offer you yet another way to stay in touch with us.
You can take a look at facebook.com/PurchasingB2B. Feel free to drop by the page and follow us, like something, comment on a post or simply stay up-to-date on the latest procurement and supply chain management news and information.
As always I hope you enjoy this issue. If you have any comments, feel free to get in touch with me at 416-442-5600, ext. 3259.