Winter's respite

While I realize it’s not everyone’s favourite season, I’ve always liked winter. To me, it’s a chance to rejuvenate, restore and

Michael Power is editor of PurchasingB2B.

plan for things to come. Especially at the beginning of the year, it’s a time to escape the busyness that often accompanies other seasons (summer vacations, autumn’s back-to-school bustle) and focus on thinking, planning and preparing for the year ahead.
I approach PurchasingB2B the same way. The first issue of the year is where we take stock of what happened during the previous 12 months, while focusing on the trends shaping the New Year. You’ll find the same approach in this issue.
As in previous years, our February issue focuses on legal issues affecting procurement. Starting on page 8, you can read our story on trends affecting procurement law. We’ve approached several legal experts for their thoughts on what’s going on in procurement from a legal perspective. The article presents developments such as the influence of technology, contract management, recent legal cases along with tips for dealing with these changes.
One regular theme in PurchasingB2B is travel management and procurement, and we look at this area on page 36. Like other areas of today’s business world, technology is changing the way corporate travel works. Through companies like Google and Amazon, our interactions with technology are becoming more intuitive, logical and easy to navigate. This spills into the business travel world as well, as online booking portals mimic business-to-consumer trends. At the same time, business travel is becoming more personalized and the rise of the sharing economy offers travellers more alternatives than ever—truly a different landscape than even a few years ago.
Our cover story, on page 14, looks at developments at Canada’s ports. Enormous amounts of goods travel through our ports each year, and recent international developments like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the CETA agreement with the EU mean ports are more important than ever to the supply chain and economy.
These developments create opportunities for organizations, but also involve risk—so we focus on risk on page 26. The article, which appears in our Fleet Management section, takes a look at strategies fleets can use to minimize those risks. Also in our fleet section are new launches in cars (page 22) and trucks (page 28) from the LA and Detroit automotive shows, which you won’t want to miss.
As usual, we hope that the articles, tips and best practices we present help you in your efforts to work as effectively as you can. While we continue through 2017, I look forward to hearing from you with feedback, story ideas and your thoughts on our coverage.
Happy reading!
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