Oracle’s supply chain platform gets AI upgrade

LONDON — Oracle has launched new artificial intelligence capabilities within its Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite, embedding generative AI across business areas including supply chain and finance.

Image: Oracle

The company said the upgrade, launched last month, will improve decision making, increase productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the experience of employees and customers, among other advantages. Oracle has also expanded the Oracle Guided Journeys’ extensibility framework so that customers and partners can incorporate more generative AI capabilities.

Updates to the Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing application include:

  • Item description generation: generates standardized product descriptions that highlight SEO keywords, with generative AI support for item descriptions in Oracle Product Lifecycle Management.
  • Supplier recommendations: to help procurement professionals add suppliers to their organization’s supply chain, as well as use product descriptions and purchase categories to identify suppliers.
  • Negotiation summaries: procurement professionals generate a cover page for a negotiation using generative AI-powered assisted authoring.

Users of the Oracle Cloud SCM can also add their own generative AI capabilities to support their unique industry and needs, the software company said.