Parkland partnering with FreeWire on EV charging network

CALGARY — Parkland Corp. says it has signed a deal with California-based EV charging technology company FreeWire.

Calgary-based Parkland says it will install FreeWire’s battery-integrated ultra-fast EV chargers across its previously announced EV charging network at On The Run convenience stores in BC.

FreeWire uses a combination of battery technology, power conversion technology, and software to provide EV charging solutions to retail, fleet, utility and municipal customers.

Parkland says by partnering with FreeWire it will be able to roll out EV chargers at convenience stores more quickly and at a lower cost.

It says FreeWire’s integrated battery storage technology will allow Parkland to minimize peak demand charges by drawing electricity from the grid during off-peak hours.

The two companies say they also plan to collaborate to share EV insights, shape future product development and advance future energy management opportunities.