Port of Montreal to see traffic management system upgrade

MONTREAL — The federal government is investing $7 million in a traffic management and optimization system in the municipal road corridors adjacent to the Port of Montreal.

The system will enhance the existing transportation system and reduce traffic congestion around Canada’s second-largest port, the government said. The project includes:

  • Acquiring and installing sensors and devices to collect data;
  • Developing and implementing infrastructure for sharing and distributing data;
  • Developing tools for decision support, supervision and scenario development;
  • Developing systems that will anticipate impacts and disturbances; and
  • Installing dynamic display screens on the streets and introducing information tools for users.

The funding comes from the National Trade Corridors Fund, a merit-based program that provides funding for the investment in critical assets that support economic activity and the movement of goods and people in Canada.

It represents a long-term commitment by the Government of Canada to work with stakeholders on strategic infrastructure projects that address transportation bottlenecks, vulnerabilities and congestion along Canada’s trade corridors.

“Our government is investing in Canada’s economy by making improvements to our trade and transportation corridors,” said Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport. “We are supporting projects which help move goods efficiently to market and people to their destinations, stimulate our economy during the pandemic, create quality middle-class jobs, and ensure that Canada’s transportation networks remain competitive and efficient.”