Port of Prince Rupert sees investment to increase supply chain capacity

PRINCE RUPERT, BC  — The federal government is investing nearly $75 million to increase capacity at the Port of Prince Rupert through the National Trace Corridors Fund.

Image: Prince Rupert Port

The funding will support the construction of a second berth at the Port of Prince Rupert terminal. This second berth will help reduce congestion, and increase the port’s capacity to export products for green energy and other clean commodities, the government said. This project will also increase the capacity of the trade corridor linking the Port of Prince Rupert to Western Canada.

“National Trade Corridors Fund support of Trigon’s B2BC second berth project will enable us to increase our terminal’s export capacity and accelerate our diversification into green energy exports, while also strengthening BC’s northern corridor supply chain,” said Rob Booker, CEO of Trigon Pacific Terminals, Ltd. “We are grateful to the Government of Canada for helping to make this a reality.”

Including Trigon Pacific Terminals Limited’s contribution, the total combined investment in the project would be $163.1 million.