SCL Canada partners with Trucks For Change Network

Markham, ON—Supply Chain & Logistics Association Canada has endorsed Trucks For Change Network, a nonprofit organization helping trucking and logistics companies to support charities with donated and preferred-cost services across Canada.
Launched in 2011, Trucks For Change Network uses real-time freight-matching and donation management technology to connect its members’ available truck space with the needs of charitable organizations such as Food Banks Canada, Habitat For Humanity Canada and others. SCL’s partnership agreement will include reciprocal promotional activities, as well as endorsing program participation among its own membership of Canadian supply chain professionals and firms.
“SCL is a leading voice for supply chain professionals across Canada and its endorsement is an important step for us,” said Pete Dalmazzi, president and founder of Trucks For Change Network. “Directing supply chain capacity to charitable endeavours not only supports the great work being done for those less fortunate, but also contributes to a green and sustainable environment. In addition to reducing the industry’s carbon footprint associated with empty miles, we often make viable the distribution of charity donations which would otherwise be destined for landfill sites.  All of this is consistent with SCL’s mission, and we’re thrilled to invite its members to join us.”
Trucks For Change Network Inc is a nonprofit association of member trucking and logistics companies interested in helping communities and promoting social responsibility within their industry. Supply Chain & Logistics Association Canada (SCL) is a non-profit organization of business professionals interested in improving their logistics and supply chain management skills through a comprehensive program of education, research and networking opportunities.