Script Runner launches AI-powered drone delivery service

THUNDER BAY — Script Runner, a health technology company, is launching a long-distance AI-powered drone delivery service to enable pharmacies and hospitals to transport vital medications to patients.

Image: Script Runner

On May 22 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Script Runner conducted a successful flight test in collaboration with Oak Medical Arts, delivering medication to a patient living over 30 kilometres away in a remote area in under 40 minutes, the company said.

“Our AI-powered drone delivery service opens up new opportunities to provide fast and efficient air delivery to remote areas and will in turn empower pharmacists and healthcare providers to spend more time with patients,” says Adam Plummer, Script Runner’s co-founder and head of operations. “Canada’s geographical landscape makes it challenging for healthcare providers to deliver essential medications to patients. This innovative technology promises to bridge this gap, offering equitable access to healthcare for Canadians, whether they reside in urban centres or rural regions.”

During the test flight in Thunder Bay, the AI-powered drone transported insulin to an elderly woman in her late 60s, living alone and managing type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia, the company said. The patient’s insulin prescription was refilled by a pharmacist, securely packaged, loaded onto a Script Runner drone, and dispatched autonomously to the patient’s residence, leveraging navigation and safety features.

The trial delivery marks a milestone in enhancing healthcare access for Canadians, the company said. As Script Runner seeks further expansion and partnerships within the country’s healthcare system, its last-mile technology solutions will be crucial in levelling the field in access to care and improving the overall quality of life of Canadians.