Stellantis has what it needs to make decision on Windsor battery plant: Champagne

OTTAWA — Industry Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne says Stellantis and LG Energy Solutions have what they need to make a decision on a proposed electric vehicle battery plant in Windsor.

A spokeswoman for Stellantis says the two companies received a “written offer” and are currently analyzing it.

The companies put the brakes on construction of the plant in May after their talks with Ottawa stalled.

The original deal was signed in March 2022 but was reopened after the United States passed the Inflation Reduction Act which put billions of dollars on the table for clean tech manufacturing, including EV batteries.

Champagne has said Canada would match those subsidies and says today the size of the offer should not surprise anyone.

Volkswagen is lined up to get up to $13 billion in production subsidies for a plant it is building in St. Thomas, Ont., and while the Stellantis/LG plant is half the size, it is to be up and running three years earlier, so the total dollar figure attached could be even higher.