Winalta lands contract for three integrated wellsite systems

CALGARY—Winalta Inc. has entered into a long-term service agreement to supply three integrated wellsite systems (IWS) to an oil and gas producer operating in the Fort McMurray area. Winalta now has in place six IWS agreements from four different oil and gas producers. Three IWS are already operational, the company said, and these additional IWS are expected to be deployed in September, October and November, respectively.
The IWS is a new product to the surface rentals business and was designed by Winalta and its manufacturer, ALTA-FAB Structures Ltd. The design of the IWS was built to bring an office work environment to SAGD pad and multilateral drilling platforms. Winalta said that the IWS is a six unit, fully self-contained, office and executive living quarters for up to 12 field personnel. The IWS complex integrates those units into a single living and work space that facilitates communication and productivity amongst field personnel while decreasing the onsite footprint, said the company.
Under the service agreement, Winalta will contract the three IWS to its customer for one year. The service agreement includes a right of first refusal for a second and third year and contains a modified take or pay clause which will guarantee Winalta’s utilization of the IWS over the first year of operations.